Dark Superman Production on Instagram: jamal_Johns

The Dark Superman Official Trailer is here! The full movie will be released Fall 2015. I remember penning this movie script with my brother Nino Ascencio and my dear friend Luis Delgado in February of 2013. The idea was quite simple. Make a "what if" Superman movie. We'll, what if Superman had gone crazy? Who could really stop him? Would we really want a Superman living in this world. We wanted to bring the mythos of Superheroes amongst us to a gritty reality. Show the end result of a powerful being gone mad. I love comic books and video games. It's what I have invested my 10 thousand mastery hours in. All the fun I had reading, collecting comic books, watching movies and playing wonderful console games is what really taught me how to use Special Effects. Here I am presenting you with another Striking Star production. I really hope you enjoy this fan movie trailer and keep in mind that this film was produced without any sponsors or investors. This was created using the wonderful people I see around me every day. Friends, family, associates you name it! If you believe you can achieve. This fan movie trailer is a tribute to the hero inside all of us. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this movie possible.