Published on Apr 22, 2015

Here it is! Dark Superman Official Trailer One. This is a trailer to a much larger movie in production. It will be released April 25th 2016. Nino Ascencio is Superman. This is a fan movie dedicated to cosplayers, comic book lovers, movie lovers and anyone into sci-fi fantasy. No kickstarter or outside funding was used. I am not trying to sell any of these works in the completed movie because a majority of characters involved are not my creations. This is why it will be free thanks to Youtube. I am purely expressing my love of art and cinema as an independent artist. Free to the world. Stay tuned for the full movie this Fall!

Category:  Film & Animation

Running Time: 1 minute 39 sec.

*!THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!* Due to the nature of this program viewer discretion is advised. Rated [PG13]


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